GS-CB-466 Seminar in MCB
Room 116C
Tuesdays 12-1pm

Date Presenter Paper
July 31, 2018 Daniel Gorelick


August 7 Peter Masschelin Cloning, expression, and characterization of a membrane progestin receptor and evidence it is an intermediary in meiotic maturation of fish oocytes. PMC151323
August 14 Bethany Patton GPRC6A mediates the non-genomic effects of steroids. PMC3000977
August 21 Jessica Felix Identification and Characterization of Membrane Androgen Receptors in the ZIP9 Zinc Transporter Subfamily: I. Discovery in Female Atlantic Croaker and Evidence ZIP9 Mediates Testosterone-Induced Apoptosis of Ovarian Follicle Cells. PMC4197986
September 4 Xuan Lu A Transmembrane Intracellular Estrogen Receptor Mediates Rapid Cell Signaling. PMID15705806
September 5 Sara Johnson Identity of an Estrogen Membrane Receptor Coupled to a G Protein in Human Breast Cancer Cells. PMID15539556
September 11 Gabi Tukeman Sex steroids regulate skin pigmentation through nonclassical membrane-bound receptors.    PMC4863824
September 18 Junkai Wang Membrane-initiated nuclear trafficking of the glucocorticoid receptor in hypothalamic neurons. PMID29242167   PDF