Gorelick lab featured in TMC Pulse magazine

Zebrafish are the tropical minnows advancing genetics and molecular biology. Read the story here.

Texas Zebrafish Conference 2019

The 2019 Texas Zebrafish Conference is coming to Houston, November 1-2. Details here We’ll bring together zebrafish researchers from across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mexico to discuss research in development, physiology, and genetics, to share new technologies, and network with colleagues in a friendly and supportive environment. The

Paige’s new preprint now available

Check out Paige’s preprint, where she systematically dissects the function of AHR genes (ahr1a, ahr1b, ahr2) in zebrafish craniofacial & fin development and sensitivity to dioxin. And there’s some bonus estrogen receptor experiments in there too! Read the preprint here.

Cammie’s GPER paper published!

Congrats to Cammie & Shannon! Their paper ‘G protein-coupled estrogen receptor is not required for sex determination or ovary function in zebrafish‘ was accepted for publication in the journal Endocrinology.

Cammie’s paper preprint now available

G protein-coupled estrogen receptor is not required for sex determination or ovary function in zebrafish An important negative result: We find that G protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPER) is not required for sex determination or ovary development in zebrafish. While nuclear estrogen receptors are clearly involved in sex determination and gonad

Meeting Jennifer Doudna

During a break from reviewing grants for an upcoming study section, the lab and I went to hear Dr. Jennifer Doudna give a seminar. We use CRISPR-Cas9 extensively to modify the zebrafish genome, so seeing one of the scientists who discovered CRISPR and adapted it for targeted DNA modification in

Cammie’s paper published!

Nuclear androgen receptor regulates testes organization and oocyte maturation in zebrafish. Congrats, Cammie!

Shannon’s magnum opus published!

Finally, after more than two years, submission to six journals, three editorial rejections and six rounds of peer-review, I am proud to report that Shannon’s first author paper, her magnum opus, the diamond in her PhD crown, was published in PLOS Genetics! I would be proud no matter what, but

Paige’s paper published!

Paige’s paper on estradiol uptake in zebrafish embryos and larvae was accepted to Toxicological Sciences. Congrats, Paige! Finally we have an answer to the perennial reviewer question: How much estrogen in fish water actually gets taken up by the zebrafish? The answer: not much.

Shannon’s review article accepted!

Shannon’s review article, Crosstalk between nuclear and G protein-coupled estrogen receptors, was accepted for publication. Congrats, Shannon!

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