Dan wins pilot award from Rheumatic Diseases Core Center

We are thrilled to announce that our project, ‘Identifying T cell-specific glucocorticoid receptor agonists for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis,’ was selected to receive funding by the UAB Rheumatic Diseases Core Center. This project has been near and dear to my heart for years, although relegated to the back burner due to lack of funding – too risky, as some funding agencies described it (we’re looking at you, NIH). Thanks UAB RDCC for taking a chance on us. We won’t disappoint.

Special Tox issue of Zebrafish is now live!

zebrafishoctober2016coverThe journal Zebrafish has just published a special issue on toxicology, edited by Dan together with our esteemed colleague Josh Gamse from Bristol-Myers Squibb (he doesn’t have a web page, pharmaceutical companies are super secretive). Check out the 108 pages of zebrafish toxicology excitement! And don’t miss getting your free print copy (wow, journals still publish print copies?) at the ZDM9 meeting in Singapore in October.

Paige shows local kids that science is cool

Kudos to Paige for reaching out to kids in our community and getting them excited about science.

“Spending time with the kids and taking advantage of the opportunity to share how truly cool science and medicine are with them is always an exemplary use of my time,” said Paige Souder, an MSTP student. “I’ve had a lot of people help me get where I am and it’s exciting to be in a place where I can pay it forward.”

Read the full story here.

Mashhood wins two awards!

mashposterCongrats to Mashhood, our undergrad summer student, for winning the award for best poster at the 2015 UAB summer student poster EXPO! Mashhood was also one of four winners of the outstanding SiBS student award. As Mashhood returns to UMBC, we wish him the best on all his future endeavors.