Dream Team

“There’s no I in team. But there is a ME.”

Daniel A. Gorelick, PhD
Principle Investigator
Hometown: Los Angeles. Baltimore. It’s complicated. What is home?
Motto: Life is too important to be taken seriously

Manjula Nakka, PhD
Staff Scientist
Hometown: Hyderabad, India
Words to live by: Fear is not an option

Kaley Neugebauer
Lab Manager
Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut
Favorite type of dog: Vizsla

Shayan Shahriar
Graduate Student
Hometown: Barishal, Bangladesh
Favorite video game: The Witcher 3

Vahid Zadmajid
Postdoctoral Fellow
Hometown: Kurdistan, Iran
Favorite American entertainment: Friends (the TV show)

Mary Jane Elizalde
Graduate Student
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Superpower: Eats the hottest hot wings anywhere

Our lab provides a fun, collegial environment where talented people can be successful. We nurture individual career development regardless of career path. Interested in doing a rotation or joining our team? Contact Dan: danielg (at) gorelicklab (dot) org

Gorelick Lab Alumni

“The older the violin, the sweeter the music” -Larry McMurtry

Hailey Edwards, graduate student 2017-2023 | Position on leaving lab: Postdoctoral fellow, University of California San Diego, laboratory of Deborah Yelon, Ph.D.

Andrew Holowiecki, visiting scientist 2021| Position on leaving lab: Assistant Professor, Abilene Christian University

Marijke Schrock, lab manager 2018-2021

Akash Tarkunde, undergraduate student (Rice University) 2018-2020 | Position on leaving lab: technician, laboratory of Juan Botas

James “Jay” Thierer, Ph.D., visiting postdoctoral fellow 2018-2020 | Position on leaving lab: postdoctoral fellow, Carnegie Institution for Science, laboratory of Steve Farber

Danielle MacKay, Ph.D., staff scientist 2018-2019

J Paige Souder, Ph.D., graduate student 2015-2019 | Position on leaving lab: medical student in UAB MSTP program (class of 2021)

Camerron M Crowder, Ph.D., postdoc 2016-2018 | Position on leaving lab: Assistant Director of Education, Research, and Science Communication, Precision Medicine Institute, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Jeffery King, research associate & lab guru 2012-2017 | Position on leaving lab: retired

Shannon N Romano, Ph.D., graduate student 2013-2017 | Position on leaving lab: Postdoctoral fellow, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, laboratory of Florence Marlow, Ph.D.

Samantha Yates, undergraduate student summer 2017 (Washington & Lee University), SIBS Program

Rachel Swanson, undergraduate work-study student, 2016-2017 | Position on leaving lab: Doctor of pharmacy degree at Auburn University (class of 2023)

Mashhood Wani, undergraduate student summer 2015 (University of Maryland), SIBS Program

Brandie Cline, zebrafish technician 2013-2015

Christopher Lassiter, visiting scientist summer-fall 2014 | Position on leaving lab: Associate Professor & director of undergraduate research, Roanoke College

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